Director / Choreographer

Rami Hassoun


Assistant director

Arnaud Millet


Actress / Poet

Fadwa Souleimane



Salla Lintonen

Marine Ervel

Sarah Dunaud

Grâce-Cécile Caclin



Cécilia Shneider

Marie Russell

Sophia Palombo

Sarah Zimmerman

Cléo Scozzesi

Léa Dani

Marion Ohanian


Set decorators

Sven Weber

Johanna Elalouf


Costume supervisor

Johanna Elalouf



Marine Ricca



Camille Lada


Boom operators 

Manolis Makridakis

Harold Hennequin


Chief electrician

Florian Ruggeri



Johanny Meunier


Key grip

Guilhem Sauvage



Whence the Syrian situation is of inherent importance to this presentation,

this work is meant to be watched by a vast number of people, thus reflecting

the extortion vis-a-vis women; in other words, vis-a-vis human beings,

when economic greediness takes priority over political humanist engagement.


15'30" // 2015 // 2:35 // Stereo


Matthieu Clara

Clément Graindorge



Noha Tadros

Shiaf Youssef

Sali El Jam


Film equipment

Steadicam et Steadi Boz








Director of photography

Jean Combier


Steadicam operator

Jake Russell


Camera assistant

Max Kieken


Sophia Palombo


Set photographer

Cédric Bougnoux


Rope technicians

Aurélien Fuchs

Guillaume Perrin

Emilie Renaudier

Mathieu Demoment


Sound recording

Rémi Lambrinidis

Studio Anatole


Sound design

Fred Roux

Studio Anatole



Garrett Brown

Marilyn Hacker

Chris Fawcett

Robin Thwaites

Mathias Trevidic

Gilles Bellet



Label Info




In the dazzling dark

My face is a coal blossoming in the wound of memory

My memory is like dying cities, erased as time merges into yet another time.

In the dazzling dark

My voice, is burning alphabets in the cauldron of metal,

meanings are staggering on a surface of ice.

The echoes of a silent jazz from African neighbourhood,

in Paris, in Berlin, or Washington D.C.

The custodians of darkness,

heavily armed, shelving the days, on horseback.

Caravans of traders delving in a sea of gold,

hands waving laurels and olives, ancient Light and domes,

the arches of the temples of Ishtar and Dumuzi, Cupid’s arrows ... of love, europe, the bull-god :

all torn apart by the executioner of Damascus.

Harvested by the daggers of the proselytes,

turned into ashes by the followers of “No God”,

they commence their prayers at dawn,

and beg the protection of armes and money from devil :

“In the name of money and arms and gas, the holy and most merciful”

Caravans of traders delving in a sea of gold,

of money, of weapons, and harlots,

sipping coffee in the Kremlin, or Beijing,

by the Seine, or in London, or on top of mount Qasioun.

It makes no difference. A killer has all faces.

In the dazzling dark

My right hand is a bridge erect with the heads of my loved ones,

my left hand, a forest of amputated arms still waving peace.

In the dazzling dark, throats releasing blue butterflies,

thinking only of doves and peace, shunting the monster of Damascus.

The hand that tore out those throats does not know that it has sowed, all over Syria :

throats of sunflowers in Hama, bay trees in Aleppo, grapes in Deraa and Darayya,

red diamonds in Raqqa, acacia in Homs, water lilies in the Euphrates,

eternal notes in the Tigris.

Wrought in all alphabets, on a clay tablet, perpetuated in mosaics, or on the banners of Kafr Nabl : Syria belongs to us, not to the Assad family

Long live Syria, down with Bashar al-Assad

One, one, one, the Syrian people are one

No salafis, no Muslim Brotherhood, we want a civic state

In the dazzling dark

The eyes of Syria permeate darkness with light, saying :

Stop the massacre !

"In the dazzling dark"

from an unpublished collection by Fadwa Souleimane



Best Experimental Film at ARFF International Film Festival Berlin

Selected in 2016 at Festival de Cannes, Hollywood International Film Festival, San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Bestias Danzantes Film Festival (Chile), 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival (India), Arte Non Stop Festival Internacional de Cine y Arte (Argentina)